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Bad news on 18/03/2006 01:13 PM
It's been a long time since I've written here. Unfortunately I bring bad news this time. Recently Blizzard has decided to shut the telnet (chat) protocol down. What does it mean? Simply, BNUM does not work anymore.
I've asked about the reasons of this decision on the forums but didn't get any answer. Not surprising at all...
The only info I could find on forums is "Telnet is no longer available on servers. Please use the game client." posted by DatH, a Blizzard Poster.
As for now I'm not planning to emulate any of the game clients. But maybe if I had enough time during vacation, after my final exams... Who knows.

I'm away again on 31/07/2003 09:52 PM
I'm leaving tomorrow and I'll be back on 13th.
I have a few new features in mind, but I'd be glad to hear what new you want to see in BNUM. Please write any ideas or bug reports on my mail.

Version 0.9.4b on 15/07/2003 03:54 PM
I think I got rid of those temporary IP bans ("flooding"... How is it possible to flood in The Void channel when using only commands and not saying anything?). I also added Frozen Throne statistics.
No other changes. If you still have problems with IP bans, report them to me. If they still occur, I will probably have to switch BNUM to /f l command what will limit users list to 25 accounts...

Problems with IP bans on 13/07/2003 12:00 AM
Hi, I'm back! :)
I have received few mails where you complain about IP bans when BNUM tries to reconnect. I noticed that too. If you have such problems, please confirm them mailing to me (also tell me how many users do you have on your users list). I will try to do something with it. Maybe I will talk with someone from Blizzard to see if we can cooperate.
Stay tuned.

I'm away on 28/06/2003 11:54 PM
I'm going for a short vacations and I'll be back on 13th of July. Thanks to all who wrote to me for the support. I already know about few bugs in 0.9.4 and I'll try to release fixed version when I'll come back home.
Tip: If you have problem with reconnecting to in BNUM, try limiting your users list to 16-18 persons. It's only a temporary solution but it should work for now.

At last, the new version! on 21/06/2003 06:08 PM
After almost two months the new version has been released. You can download it here. Many new features, messages history, ignore list, ping statistics, Windows 98 errors fixed (finally!), see changelog and screenshots for details.
Also I have added news subscription. If you want to know about new versions, fixes, features, just type your e-mail in the field above and click submit.

New host, new domain and FAQ on 28/04/2003 11:37 PM
Thanks to the owner - Joseph Bijeaux there's a new host for the site. It should be faster. There's also a new domain -, but the old one will still work.
And the last change: I added mini-FAQ with most common questions and answers. Please read it before mailing to me.

More mirrors on 22/04/2003 10:26 PM
I would like to thank and admins for mirroring BNUM. I also removed mirror, because they have deleted the file from their server.

First mirror and CD-Keys case on 22/04/2003 01:39 PM
Ok, there's a first mirror on I hope it will be faster for some of you.
I also heard a plot that Blizzard can ban your CD-Key because of using BNUM. It's not true. BNUM does not use a CD-Key from any of Blizzard games.

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